She said
seeing seven crows
together was a sign
a bad omen
forecasting death.
She said
her mother told her this
when she was very young,
mothers sometimes do that,
pass on superstitions
mine is Irish so I know.
Whenever I see crows
I try not to count
their number
I’ve thought of
I feel certain
her mother told her
to fulfill the sign:
the seven crows
must all be standing
on one leg
all looking to the right
beaks open wide
in unison cawing,
sometimes little girls
are really very busy
they don’t always listen.

This is poem was published in Jeopardy in 1993 and included in “Talk” my chapbook, and responded to by three artists in the Methow Valley for the Confluence Gallery exhibit Visions of Verse.  This exhibit in 2013/2014 was the brain child of poet Linda M. Robertson, with then gallery director Nicole Ringgold, a call for writers was put out and 200 submissions were received.  Seventeen artists and seventeen poets were selected and the artists created work in response to poems they selected.  A chapbook of both poetry and artwork was created in addition to an evening reading by the poets.  It was an amazing exhibit and experience and one I hope will be done again.




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